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Today I made a set of double-six dominoes. I used my usual trick of cutting the entire outline full depth minus about .005 inches, and then whacking the parts with a dead-blow hammer to "dismount" them from the stock.
This leaves some mess at the bottom edge that usually has to be dealt with separately, but in this case I wanted them to have a nice chamfer anyway, so they are pleasant to handle.
I did this by setting up a work stop at the left of the milling vise to give a repeatable location.
Each domino was first mounted face down and then face up, and a chamfer cut around with a V mill.
With a little patience this gave me a nice set. This is before any hand-finishing work. Because they will be slid around when playing, polishing would be a waste of time. I will make some kind of brushed finish, and I may fill the dots with a drop of black paint.