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I got a Droid 2 recently. Switching from the excellent keyboard on the HTC Touch Pro is hard. I like to be able to control irssi, mutt, and screen. Connectbot doesn't seem to have support for the abomination that is the Droid 2 keyboard yet, but I patched my copy to make things work acceptably for me. Specifically, I made the tab/tilde key give tab/tilde (previously it did nothing), the ALTLOCK key give Escape (ALTLOCK did nothing, as doublepoking ALT gave a locked ALT anyway), ALTed up/down keys give pageup/pagedown, OK'd slash give backslash. OK'd atsign gives Escape too, but ALTLOCK is easier to hit. (OK is generally the Control key).

Attached is my git patch that is based on version 321493cbd9e of

Files attached to this page:


Please don't ask me how to use git to apply my patch, or build it. Ask google instead.