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This one's in such beautiful shape I had to take a picture. This looks like one of the pictures in Bulova's advertisements showing how simple and how few parts the Accutron has. If you're familiar with mechanical watches, especially the automatics that were popular at the time, it really does look simple.

(Click for full size)

This is all the parts but the power cell, dial, hands, and case. The index wheel at the lower right, which has 300 delicate tiny teeth, must never be allowed to touch anything except the cleaning fluids in the ultrasonic, so its pinion is stuck in a little ball of Rodico (watchmaker's putty) for the picture.

This watch had one screw that was wrong, and so in this image there is one screw missing, and one that's there is in the wrong place (near the wrong part). Can you spot it? The first person to email me the correct answer will win ... my admiration and very best wishes! If you want a prize instead, let me know what you want it to be and maybe I'll send it to you. You never know...