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TTT (TrueType tracer)


HTC PocketPutty

REALIZE for AutoCAD (G-Code export)

My CNC machinery

PCB Manufacturing

My stepper drivers

Sherline lathe conversion

Image to G-Code conversion

STL to DXF conversion

Historical IBM AT stuff

A few of my homemade clocks

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This site uses a modified version of the Aether software. It is tested with Firefox 1.5, Firefox 1.0, IE6, and elinks 0.9.3. IE6 has problems with Aether as distributed, but this site is heavily hacked to work properly with it. If you are still using IE, especially if it's a version older than 6, you should consider upgrading to Firefox.

That all being said, the site uses only HTML and CSS and no particularly special tricks. It is completely accessible to text-mode browsers and should work fine for visually impaired persons with special computer setups. If this is not the case, I want to hear about it.

My goals for the site:

  • Share my projects and thoughts with interested persons
  • Maintain a clean, simple layout with emphasis on content
  • Refrain from talking about the site itself, except on this page, even though the blog format makes this so tempting ("News flash! I changed a color!!")
  • Continue, for as long as it's possible, to be a part of the "old internet" which consisted of intelligent and creative people who worked together to pursue intellectual goals, instead of the modern-day internet that is increasingly marketing disguised as entertainment that encourages TV-trained "consumers" to consume.