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I've customized a version of Pocket Putty for my phone device.

The Touch Pro has a nice keyboard but it's missing Alt, Escape, and Backslash keys. Further there is no onscreen keyboard that gives Alt or Escape. This makes it difficult to run everyday applications on a Unix machine through ssh.

The original Pocket Putty site seems defunct; there have been no updates or fixes since 2007. Since then, several folks have modified and improved the program. I incorporated changes by Ken Johnson and others and then made some changes of my own. My changes include

  • Control-1 is translated into ESC since Unix folks need an escape key for vim, irssi, and other programs. This behavior is controlled by the ControlOneIsEscape registry key (default on).
  • Control-/ is translated into \. I use backslash as my escape character for GNU screen. This behavior is controlled by the ControlSlashIsBackslash registry key (default on).
  • Control-Enter (also Alt-Enter and Shift-Enter since many devices don't have all the modifiers) toggles fullscreen mode. With a readable five-point font, this gives an 80x30 screen on the HTC Touch Pro. This behavior is controlled by the FullScreenOnAltEnter registry key (default on).

I have tested this version of Pocket Putty on my HTC Touch Pro only. I do not have access to any other devices. I assume it will run on other devices with the ARM CPU.

Update: After some feedback from LarsB/TmR?, who runs this program on an "HTC Advantage T-Mobile ameo 8Gb", I added Shift-Enter as another key combination to toggle full screen mode. His device doesn't have either Alt or Control keys.

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