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PalmShot interfaces your Palm with your Sierra-based digital camera and allows you to take time-lapse photos. It also has a simple remote shutter release that is easily thumb-operated. PalmShot works with my Nikon CoolPix 990. It may work with any other Sierra-based camera.

You will need serial cables for both your Palm and camera. Some cameras come with them; others have serial cables as an extra-cost option. The hotsync cable or cradle that came with your Palm will work fine.

Beware that since both your Palm and camera are DCE serial devices, you need a special adapter called a "null modem" to connect them together. Both cables will probably have DB-9 female connectors. So you need a DB-9 male-male null modem. This is different from a gender changer. The proper device will be marked null modem. A properly-made null modem will have the same gender on both sides, but some stupidly-made devices, like the one I bought from Radio Shack, have one male and one female. If you are unlucky enough to only be able to find one of these, you will need a gender changer in addition to the null modem.

If you have questions, ask the salesperson at Radio Shack. If what he tells you doesn't agree with the above paragraph, then reread the above paragraph (it is right.)

PalmShot is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). For details see COPYING in the source distribution.

Download just the Palm executable, palmshot.prc, or download the source package, palmshot_1.0.tar.gz.