Omega 1310 Megaquartz coil

A rewound coil for an Omega 1310 Megaquartz

The 1310 is a finicky and very cool early Quartz movement. It has a pusher that lets you add or subtract seconds to synchronize the watch to a time standard. You can pull the stem to the first position and, without stopping the watch, change the hour hand only, to adjust the time zone or for DST.

Pulling it to the second position stops the watch like normal, and lets you set the time.

Coils are of course not available. This coil has no bobbin, just the grey end caps stuck to the end of the self-supporting coil. I made a mandrel setup for winding this coil out of polished steel, allowing the coil to slide off without damage after the sealant cures.

The photo shows the finished coil ready to go back in the watch, on top of the minimum order quantity of this size of wire. It's a supply for many lifetimes.